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March 22, 2013

Is it Live or is it Memorex??

If you're old enough to remember that famous TV Commercial line, you'll understand....

Sometimes the line between real and imitation is just too close to call.... Take a look at this beautiful garage door. Is it wood - with all it's beauty (and maintenance) OR... Is it aluminum with it's long term advantages and low maintenance?

Hard to tell isn't it... well - It's Aluminum!

I've had to actually touch these to know they weren't wood - it's that good... so go wild - imagine your home with a door that looks like it cost $12,000 for about half the cost... AND twice the life...

What about this Glass door??? Yep... Aluminum too...

So... when you see the neighbors amazing new wood garage door.... more than likely it's aluminum!

Seattle - Salt Lake - Spokane - San Diego


  1. Do you know where I can find some other repair providers for my garage door, Phoenix is the location. If only I could find this sort of service where I am... :/

    1. Carolyn -
      There's a Precision DOor in Phoenix

      They should be able to help!
      Best regards

  2. I had a garage door service in Minneapolis that had these doors. I just about chose it but I went with something else. Thanks for sharing the pictures though.

  3. These are some beautiful garage doors. My little brother recently backed into my parents garage door and they now need a new one. I will definitely be keeping you guys in mind. Thanks for the great post.

    Mia |