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August 29, 2011

3 Common Garage Door Problems You can Test

Garage doors are the most heavily used entries to your home or business. So much so, that they have been called "The Other Front Door", so it’s understandable that they require repair or maintenance every once in a while. While some common issues can be fixed by yourself, others require the expertise of a garage door professional. Here are three of the most common garage door issues you’ll run into, and how to solve them.

1) Door will not close and Automatically Reverses.

Perhaps more than any other issue with garage doors occurs when the door starts to close and almost immediately reverses itself. 95% of the time this is caused by damage or misalignment of the photo electric sensors. These "safety eyes" are mounted on both sides of the door frame toward the bottom. The sensors are designed to reverse the closing door if there is something or somone in the doorway. To function properly; the sensors must be aligned with each other. When the sensors are not aligned properly or there is something in the way, the lights will be flashing. Slowly adjust the sensors until they are aligned and the lights are no longer flashing.  If this does not solve the problem contact your garage door professional.

2)  Difficulty Opening or Closing the Door

A common problem with residential garage doors is difficulty operating the garage door properly. This is sometimes caused by a poorly lubricated door. Use a silicone based lubricant never WE40 etc. Then, try unhinging the door from your garage door opener by pulling the emergency release cord. If the door moves more freely with the opener disengaged, then the problem is related to the opener and will require professional repair.

3) Noisy or Jammed Door Springs

Garage doors are opened by high-tension door springs that help the door open or close easily. However, these springs need to be properly maintained to ensure proper tension. If the spring is jamming or makes excessive noise, then call a garage door repair professional to service it. Never work on garage door springs yourself—they are extremely dangerous and can cause serious injury.

August 22, 2011

Garage Door Panel Repair

You are not alone! Yes... other have bumped their garage door with their car...

What many garage door repair customers do not know that a damaged or broken garage door panel doesn’t always mean they need a whole new garage door!

There are many different reasons to need a new garage door panel including hitting it with your car, wind or hail damage and even multiple hits with a basketball. If you have a newer garage door and there is only damage to one or two panels, repairs can be very successful. Your Precision door professional can generally order your replacement panels from the manufacturer in order to make sure that the whole door looks great when repairs are complete.

However, if your garage door panels have extensive damage or have warped over time, it may be time to replace your old garage door with a new one. Older garage doors (and openers) may not be as safe for your family or pets and, especially if they are damaged, may need to be replaced.

Ask your Precision Door Professional for a Free estimate.

August 17, 2011

One home improvement project that nearly pays for itself

Did you ever think that a new garage door could almost pay for itself?

Garage door replacement ranked No. 2 in "cost recouped" on a list of 35 common home remodeling projects in Remodeling Magazine's 24th annual Cost vs. Value Report. Only steel entry door replacement ranked higher.

The average midrange garage door replacement cost was estimated at $1,291. Resale value of the project averaged $1,083 - an 83.9 percent return on investment (ROI) at resale. In some cities, such as Charleston, W. Va., Honolulu, Providence, R.I., and San Francisco, the ROI for a new garage door was more than 100 percent.

Upscale garage door replacements were estimated to provide a 69.8 percent ROI - No. 4 among the upscale projects listed in the survey.

What does that mean to homeowners? You can have your cake and eat it, too. A new garage door can add to the beauty of your home as you live in it and enjoy it today, while also providing a high level of payback - nearly 84 cents of every dollar spent on the garage door replacement - when it's time to sell.

What's more, garage door replacement was one of the least expensive projects listed in the survey. That means a new garage door may be the quickest, easiest, and least expensive way to enhance your home's appearance and get a great return on your investment.

Fast fix for the facade

In addition to providing a great ROI, a stylish new garage door can add to the beauty of your home. If you have a front-facing attached garage, a new door adds instant curb appeal. An attached garage can make up a third or more of the front of the home. Replacing a garage door can be the difference between a "plain vanilla" home and a stylish, attractive home.
Visit, a non-commercial home improvement website dedicated to garage doors and garage door openers. There you will find dozens of photos of the latest in new garage door styles. Those include carriage house doors - one of the most popular styles on the market today. Modern homes can benefit from a new range of contemporary door styles with a range of bright colors, metallic finishes and opaque glass. Even the classic raised panel garage door style offers new looks and finishes that add elegance.

But the real proof comes in viewing's before and after photos. Did you ever drive down a street you've driven down hundreds of times before and notice something "different" about a house that has enhanced its look? Could it have been a new garage door? That's what you'll see in these images of real homes from across the United States. also includes details about the latest in garage door openers. If your opener was installed prior to 1993, you're missing out on some important safety features that provide protection from entrapment. You're also missing out on some "wow" features such as battery backup (when a storm or blackout knocks out the power, you still have access to your home via the garage door), surge protectors to guard against voltage spikes or fingerprint-activated keyless entry pads.
Not a handyman special

If you're seriously thinking about a new garage door, here's something else to think about: once you've picked the model and style that's right for you, sit back and leave the installation to the professionals. This isn't a job for the weekend warrior.

A garage door is the heaviest moving object in your home. It is actually a system that includes springs, cables, rollers, tracks and other hardware. Some of the elements of this system are under high tension. If improperly installed, this system can cause injury or even death.

Proper installation and even repair projects are best left to experienced professionals.

August 9, 2011

What is the Life Expectancy of My Garage Door Springs?

How long a garage door spring will last depends on how often the door is used and the cycle rating of the springs. In todays' modern garage doors Torsion springs provide over 90% of the lift needed to raise a garage door so they are critical to your doors' operation and broken springs are one of the most common garage door repairs needed.

Most garage doors open and close 3-5 times a day, 300+ days a year. Multiply that by by 10 years. The reason they use 10 years is because that’s the average life of a garage door. The standard non-coated springs are rated at 10,000 cycles meaning they should last between 7 and 10 years.

Precision Garage Door Springs are heavy-duty, powder-coated to resist rust, and rated at a minimum 33,000 cycles to ensure a longer life expectancy for the entire garage door system. That means they will last two to three times as long before you'll need to worry about them.

August 5, 2011

It's Back to School Time... Have you checked your Garage Door?

Did you know your kids are more likely to use the garage door when coming and going to school than any other door in the house? That’s right, the garage door has officially become the most used door in the house.

That also means “Back to school” is a great time to make sure your “other front door” is working properly. If you're not sure yours is working properly – Schedule your annual Back to School Garage Door Maintenance now - your kids will thank you!