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July 30, 2012

Interesting Use of Garage Doors

Sometimes, friends send me ideas and pictures... Here's an interesting and useful idea.

The problem faced here was - a very public pathway behind a restaurant where the garbage needed to be....These garage doors (set up as barn door sliders) are hiding commercial dumpsters!

This creates a very simple and clean solution when the public can see the dumpsters.
Thanks for sharing Terri!!

If you have idea/pictures to share send them on and I'll share them too!!

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July 20, 2012

All You Have to Do is Listen

If you own a home with a garage door and automatic garage door opener it’s going to occasionally need service or repair. If you think about it your garage door is the largest moving object in your home and does the most work to allow you convenient access to your garage and your home. In fact it's "Your Other Front Door"!

A simple and easy way to tell if you might need a garage door repair or service is to simply listen to the noise your garage door makes when opening and closing your door. Often before your garage door breaks altogether it will start making excessive noise and may even become jerky when operating.

Listening to your garage door opening and closing can let you know if your garage door opener is suddenly straining when opening or closing. This could be a  sign that the garage door springs may need adjustment or that you might even have a broken torsion spring system.

Just like your car - all garage doors need occasional adjustments and lubrication. Over time, the moving parts on your garage door will become dry and in need of lubrication. Routine garage door service will prolong the life of your garage door as well as your garage door opener.

Garage door rollers, hinges, bearings, pulleys, cable and garage door opener drive mechanisms need to be lubricated in order to ensure long life and reliability. Sometimes even with routine garage door repair and service moving parts will wear out and need to be professionally replaced. As these parts become dry and start to wear you’ll likely notice an increase in noise and possibly the door operating roughly, when this happens don’t wait, call a professional garage door repair company and save yourself the hassle of a broken garage door.

July 17, 2012

How long is the warranty?

When you need a garage door company; here's a good question to ask. How long is the warranty?

You'll get a wide range of responses to that question. Look for a company that is completely honest and candid about their warranties. Many garage door repair companies do offer extended warranties that are often better than the manufacture’s. Make sure the company you decide to work with takes pride in their work. At Precision Door Service we not only warranty our parts but our labor too! 

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July 3, 2012

Happy 4th of July

From all of us at Precision Door Service

To You and Yours

Enjoy a Safe 4th of July!

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