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January 26, 2011

Carbon Monoxide Detector Signals Garage Doors to Open Automatically

A Florida man has developed a carbon monoxide detector that signals garage doors to open if CO toxins trapped inside the garage reach dangerous levels. John Vole spent more than 20 years developing the alarm after a news story about an accidental death inspired him to build a preventive device.

If CO levels inside the garage reach 150 parts per million, the carbon monoxide detector will sound an alarm within 20 minutes. The alarm prompts the electric garage door opener to open the door to help reduce toxin levels. Units also can be linked to an alarm panel to notify police and fire departments of a possible emergency.

Vole said placing an automatic door opening response system is important because a carbon monoxide detector placed inside a well-sealed home likely will not detect dangerous levels occurring inside the garage.

According to a three-year study released in 2000 by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were 5,376 deaths attributed to carbon monoxide poisoning in stationary vehicles from 1995-1997. Of those deaths, 665 were ruled accidental. Sixty percent of those accidental deaths occurred at home.

Vole’s company, Second Chance, sells the carbon monoxide alarm for $99 on eBay.

January 25, 2011

Why is My Garage Door so Heavy?

Garage doors are generally the largest moving piece of machinery in your home, with an average size of 8′ wide and 7′ high for a single car door and 16" by 7' high for a double car door. Regardless of the type of material used, they will be heavy. That’s why there are springs and a counter balance system to take all that weight, and make it easy for you or your Garage Door Openers to handle easily. Over time, springs do break and/or relax, making the doors feel heavier. Stripped openers gears are often caused by this type of problem. To check this - occasionally disconnect your door from the opener. Pull down on the Red cord to accomplish this... If the door is "heavy" and/or will not stay half open on it's own... it’s a good idea to have some maintenance done. (Note: Annual Maintenance is recommended). Springs are dangerous - have a professional check for proper spring tension, and adjust them if needed.

January 17, 2011

Want Wood Looks at a Steel Price?

Many homeowners favor the high-end look of wood carriage-house style doors, but they don't want the upkeep or the price tag that comes with them. Manufacturers now have less-expensive, low-maintenance versions in steel with layered, wood-grain composite overlays or embossed patterns. Unlike wood, a steel carriage house door is easier to maintain and resists both fading and rot due to exposure.

January 12, 2011

Maintain Your Garage Door

Garage Doors are something we use often and tend to not really think about… until they stop working. Your garage door is very important and like any part of the house it should be regularly maintained as well. A properly maintained garage door will not only look good, but help you avoid accidents and mishaps that can harm your car or risk your health (and life) too! Garage overhead doors related accidents account for thousands of injuries every year (average of 30000 per year).

Don’t ignore your garage door any longer. In an average household a garage door is typically opened and closed around six – ten times per day. Relative to how often your garage is being used, a garage owner may have to replace his or her garage door at least once in its lifetime. If you have an electric door, its maintenance is obviously going to be different from that of a manual garage door. But some things are same for all kinds of garage door.

For most people, garage door installation is something they consider on two occasions- when they don’t already have an electric garage door or when their current garage door is broken. Remember that a single part of your garage door that is installed wrongly can cause serious malfunction. So it is better to let professionals change springs, hinges, rollers, etc. Also use light lubricants to grease your garage door. Heavy oils can cause build-ups so using them for maintaining your garage door is duly discouraged.