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March 31, 2011

Struggling With Your Garage Door?

If your garage door does not go up and down smoothly and easily, you may have a potentially unsafe condition. Even older garage door systems should operate smoothly and easily. If you're struggling to open your door even when the door is manually operated, you may have a spring system that is out of balance. When a garage door is out of balance it can cause premature wear and tear on other important door parts. We've talked before about the dangers of repairing or replacing garage door spring systems (they can be hazardous) so please have the door looked at by a trained garage door technician.

March 25, 2011

Garage Door Repair: Thinking about Doing-It-Yourself?

If you're thinking about trying garage door repairs your yourself? Here's something to consider - The U. S. Consumer Product Safety Commission indicates that over 30,000 people are injured by faulty garage door systems every year. It’s also important to note that these statistics count only those injuries that required medical attention while many other injuries go unreported.

Garage doors can weigh over 400 pounds, and can be potentially lethal. Your garage door is essentially a movable wall and when combined with an automatic garage door opener, it is the largest and perhaps the most dangerous moving object in your home.
Most consumers choose to have their doors repaired by trained & certified door technicians. These professionals are trained in the challenging and time consuming task of door repair, and have the tools and background to repair your door properly.

If you're thinking about doing-it-yourself - think again.. and contact a professional!

March 22, 2011

Check Your Garage Door Cables!

One critically important part of your garage door system are the garage door cables that attach the spring system to the bottom brackets on both sides of the door. Visually inspect these cables at least once a year. If they are frayed or worn, they are at risk of breaking, which can create a potentially hazardous situation. Due to the hazards associated with high spring tension, these cables should be replaced only by a trained door systems technician. Call Precision Door for a full safety inspection.

March 18, 2011

What Are Eco-Friendly Garage Doors?

Chris Keenan is a writer for Precision Garage Door.

Most people are becoming more conscious of the effects human activity is having on the environment. So, many of us are attempting to live a ‘greener’ life and the truth of the matter is, small changes really can make a big difference. One such change is to choose an eco-friendly garage door, but what are eco-friendly garage doors?

What is an Eco-Friendly Garage Door?

Eco-friendly garage doors are often made from recycled or recyclable materials, which are resistant to weather damage and aging. In addition, the goal of a ‘green’ garage door is to help insulate your home. As you may already know, the garage door is likely to be the largest opening to your house and, if not properly insulated, can lead to increased energy use.

The doors are made from a variety of materials, so homeowners do not have to compromise the style of their home. For example, some eco-friendly garage doors are made from recycled wood fibres. On the other hand, there are many doors made from steel, which is considered ‘green’, because it has longevity and is recyclable.

Why Choose an Eco-Friendly Garage Door?

The most obvious reason to choose an environmentally friendly garage door is to do your bit to save the planet. However, if you need more of an incentive, there are many other reasons. For example, as mentioned above, the improved insulation of a ‘green’ garage door will dramatically improve the energy efficiency of your home, thereby reducing fuel costs.

Moreover, if you select a garage door that is made from composite materials, which will not warp or rot, it will not require the annual garage door repair or maintenance, such as painting or staining, that some older ones do.

In addition, it is worth mentioning the curb appeal of an attractive garage door. In these uncertain financial times, the housing market is a tough nut to crack, so if you want to ensure that your home stands out from the crowd, it is wise to consider the external appeal of your home.

How to Find an Eco-Friendly Garage Door

As with any purchase, it is essential to do some research and shop around for your new garage door. The internet is a great resource for this, as most all manufacturers list the details of their eco-friendly garage door and instructions on how to purchase. Which manufacturer to choose really depends on your location and your own personal preference.

Disposal of Your Old Door

One last thing to keep in mind when making your eco-friendly garage door purchase is what will happen to your old door. While many installers will take your old garage door away for recycling, some will just end up in a landfill, so be sure to ask them what they will do with it. Or, if you are feeling creative, there are a number of clever ways you can recycle and reuse your old garage door.

March 16, 2011

The Garage Door Parts Most Likely to Fail

Garage door systems have many moving parts and all are susceptible to wear, tear and failure. However, three of these components are the most common to experience a problem.

Springs, especially torsion springs, frequently fail and are also the most expensive. Many manufacturers and service companies use un-coated springs rated at about 10,000 cycles. (A cycle is one Open/Close). This type of spring is expected to fail 3-5 years. Precision Door uses powder-coated commercial grade springs that resist rust and have cycle ratings of 30,000 or higher, meaning a much longer lifecycle. Always ask about the cycle ratings on all springs when considering replacement.

Rollers help guide the door up and down the track. Most companies use a plastic or nylon tire on a steel shaft. These will generally show significant wear within 18 months of normal use. Rollers with bearings are typically better; Ask about the cycle and weight ratings on the rollers your technician recommends.

BearingsBearings are the third most frequent component to fail. A typical garage door should have three sets situated in the middle and both ends of the door. Many doors come with only two bearing sets and one plastic bushing.

Being aware of the garage door components most likely to fail will enable you to make a more informed decision when buying, maintaining or repairing your door system. The result is a longer lasting and smoother operating door.

Precision Garage Door Service is proud to serve you in Washington, Idaho, Utah, Arizona & New Mexico

March 11, 2011

The 5 Features Of A Garage Door Opener iPhone App You Simply Can’t Live Without

OK, there's so much you can do with your smartphone... why not control the garage door too...

1. Open and Close Your Garage Door

I bet you saw this one coming… sort of obvious I know, but having an app on your phone would let you get in and out of the garage whenever you please. For all you powers walking/bike riding enthusiasts, you no longer have to worry about bringing your keys along! What if I said you even have the ability to open your garage door from China? You got it, read on…

Having the opener ability on your phone will also let you take the remote out of your car permanently. I know it’s tough to imagine, but that garage door opener remote is a big security risk. It’s true, even the worst of thieves know that access to your home is attached to your driver-side visor…

2. Be Alerted When The Door Opens

Okay so you’re on vacation (a really awesome one, let’s say China) and your garage door opens. You find it weird that your door is being used, well, because no one is supposed to be home… “Houston, we have a problem.” Good info to have, eh?

If the garage is used as an entrance, this would also let you know when your spouse or kids gets home from a late night, which is pretty cool. Especially for all of parents out there, to know when your kids get home from a night of “partying” is good information to have.

3. Receive Alerts If You Forget To Close The Door

This one is both surprising and really useful. The app will use GPS and signal If you get a few blocks from the house and the door is still open. How many times have you driven a couple minutes down the road and turn to your spouse and say “Honey, did you close the garage?” Well, now those conversations that almost always lead to classic marital arguments are completely avoidable. Now that you know the garage door is always closed when leaving the house, that only leaves the oven, stove, iron, fireplace, and…well, I suppose a rather lengthy list still remains.

4. Check To See If The Garage Door Is In The Open or Closed Position From Anywhere

Have you ever gotten snuggled into bed, and you’re really comfortable (I mean REALLY comfortable), and then thought, “Shoot, did I close the garage door?” At this point you really don’t want to get out of your bed which has finally reached the perfect temperature after tossing and turning for the past 20 minutes. Wouldn’t it be nice just to reach over and check your iPhone which is right on the night table? I think we can all relate to that one.

5. You Can Now Open & Close The Garage Door From Anywhere

Your kid calls and he’s locked out of the house. Assuming you genuinely like your child and want him to get in the house, all you have to do is open the app… and voila! You no longer have to leave work and open the door for him/her or need to leave a house key with a neighbor. More importantly and all kidding aside, entry in an emergency situation is easily granted no matter where you are…

6. Hardware option: Webcam

Now that you can essentially open/close your door from anywhere, check the status of your door, and be alerted when you leave the door open, you can see who or what is outside your garage door. It allows you to check and make sure the cat is not under the garage door when you close it from who knows where. It would also be nice to get a wave from the kids when they get home from school along with the alert.

By Chris Copyright Precision Door Service

March 8, 2011

How to Open Your Garage Door When the Power Goes Out

When wind storms cause big power outages, we get a number of call about doors not opening.  While you may not want to go outside, you certainly don’t want to be locked in. Here’s how to open your garage door manually.

First, disconnect the garage door from the automatic opener. Just pull the emergency cord to disconnect. The cord usually has a red handle and will hang down from the center rail of the garage door system.  Note it will make a loud click when it disconnects. Remember to disconnect the door when the door is in the closed position, not when it’s open.

With the door disconnected from the opener lift the garage door straight up until the door is fully open. Make sure the door will remain fully open before leaving it unattended. If the springs are properly balanced, the door will open easilyand stay in place. If it is difficult to open, have a professional garage door service technician check the door as soon as possible as this is a sign of poor spring tension and can lead to damage or safety risks.

Once your car is out of the garage, you can manually close the door. If your door is equipped with a manual slide lock engage it now to fully secure the door.

When the power comes back on remember to reconnect the opener and make sure the door is unlocked. Trying to open a locked door has damaged many a garage door opener.
If you are replacing your opener, you may want to consider one of the many models that includes a battery backup feature. That way, when the power goes out, the garage door will still function using the opener, as will the safety sensors and remotes, plus the garage door will be locked and secured.

Contact Precision Door if you have questions.

March 2, 2011

Things to do around your home this spring

Everyone has a "honey do" list - here are a few more to consider.
• Organize garage or shed; clean, sharpen and lubricate yard tools.
• Dispose of old paint properly. Add waste paint hardener, available at hardware stores and home centers, to partial cans of latex paint. Cat litter works,
• Clean lint from dryer exhaust ducts and vents.
• Early spring is a good time for interior painting.
• Check the operation of your garage door opener. Consult owner's manual.
• Add a garage door keypad outside for convenience — but be sure to keep it out of reach of young children.
• Consider a surge protector for your electric garage door opener.

March 1, 2011

Why is My Garage Door so Heavy?

Garage doors are usually the the largest moving piece of machinery in your home, with an average size of a two car door being 16′ wide and 7′ high. So it should be no surprise that; regardless of the type of material used, they will be heavy.

That’s why there are springs and a counter balance system to take all that weight, and make it easy for you or your Garage Door Openers to handle easily. However, springs do break and/or relax over time, making the doors feel heavier. The second problem with "heavy" doors involves your opener. Stripped gears are often caused by this type of problem.

If your springs are broken or nearing the end of their useful life; consider replacing them. Springs are rated on "cycles" (open & close) and most "Builders Grade" springs are rated at 10,000 cycles and will last (depending on use) about 3-5 years. Precision springs are powder coated spring rated at 33,000 cycles.

If your door is starting to feel heavy, it’s a good idea to have maintenance done about once a year. Have a professional check for proper spring tension, the condition of your entire system, and replace or adjust them if needed.