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December 30, 2010


Hope you've all had a wonderful year... now on to an even better 2011!!!

December 29, 2010

I KNOW ITS WINTER: But Don't Warm up Your Car inside the Garage!!

It sounds harmless doesn't it... a couple of minutes and you've got a warm car....

But, did you know... that it takes less than two minutes for gas fumes to reach lethal concentrations in a garage where a car is being warmed up—even if the garage door is open.

Just don't do it!!! - A warm car on a cold winter morning just isn’t worth the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Always open the garage door before starting the car. Once it’s started, immediately drive out and away from the garage, and close the garage door.

According to Iowa State University study - large concentrations of gas still remain trapped inside a garage even after the car is driven out. In an attached garage, fumes can quickly spread into the house and remain for hours.

Carbon monoxide poisoning can result in illness and even death. Carbon monoxide reduces the oxygen supply to the brain and is particularly dangerous because it is a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas. Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning can include headaches, dizziness, tiredness, flu-type symptoms, nausea and loss of consciousness. Poisoning can happen to anyone, but children, the elderly and those with health concerns are especially susceptible.

Solution? Don't warm up your car in the Garage!!!

December 21, 2010

December 15, 2010

Garage Door ROI

Homeowners who upgrade their basic garage doors can realize an astounding 84 percent return on investment (ROI) on average, a national study on remodeling costs and value has found.

At a time when homeowners are looking to reap the most bang for their buck, a study released in November by Remodeling magazine confirms that replacement of a basic garage door with a mid-range or upscale model is one of the best-value buys that can be made. At 84 percent on average, the improvement ranks higher than a kitchen or bath remodel.

December 8, 2010

Fire Door Drop Testing

If you own or manage a company/facility with commercial fire doors: Fire door drop testing is an annual fire door inspection requirement that is often overlooked. Fire Door manufacturers, fire door engineers and fire door technicians wanted to show the world just how critical fire doors are for fire safety. Check it out!

Your Garage Door is alot like your Car

Believe it or not, your garage door, is alot like your. It is driven by a garage door opener and moving parts such as rollers, hinges, cables and torsion springs. All these components go through some very heavy-duty use - often opening and closing (one "cycle") over 2000 times a year. Over time these parts begin to wear out just like the parts on your car and either they fail to work or become very noisy and affect the performance of other parts. Just like your car needs an oil change - the solution is keep your garage door maintained by doing periodical lubrication on your own and having the entire system professionally maintained at least once a year to keep it top condition and prevent expensive repairs. No matter what your need is, a repair , maintenance or even a new door or opener Precision Garage Door Service is here to help 24/7.

December 1, 2010

Garage Doors One of Few Home Improvements Worth Investing In!

In a recent article from The Philadelphia Inquirer, homeowners looking to invest in home improvements – especially those who plan to renovate in an effort to make their home attractive to buyers – are warned against renovations that don’t return on investment. Amenities and high-price additions are warned against, as potential buyers may or may not “get it.” Improvements that get the OK include new paint, new floors and an updated garage or entry door.

According to the real estate agents interviewed, small, inexpensive changes that make a big impact – like updated garage doors – bring more reliable returns. In fact, according to Remodeling magazine’s Cost Vs. Values report, spending $1,500 on a garage door can yield a $1,168 ROI – nearly 80 percent.

Entry doors also made the “worth the money” cut, as the report showed spending $1,440 on a steel entry door could yield a 74 percent return.

In fact, garage door and entry door replacement top the list of home improvements that create a good ROI – netting the No. 1 and number 3 spots, respectively. These improvements come above roof repair (56 percent ROI), major kitchen remodel (64 percent) or a bathroom addition (48 percent) -- all much higher-cost projects.

These numbers make for a powerful case for the value of homeowners replacing their garage door, especially those owners looking to sell in a volatile market.