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May 30, 2014

Get Your Garage Door Inspected and Tuned-up For Summer!

As spring turns to summer and we toast Dads and Grads etc. let's not forget that June is also "Garage Door Safety Month" and it's a good time to remind everyone that Garage doors can be Dangerous!

Seriously, the U. S. Consumer Product Safety Commission indicates that every year 30,000 people are injured by faulty garage door systems; and that's just those injuries that required medical attention while many other injuries surely go unreported.

Your garage door is essentially a movable wall and when combined with an automatic garage door opener, it is the largest and perhaps the most dangerous moving object in your home. Consider that a garage door can weigh over 400 pounds, and can be potentially lethal.  That's not a fair fight, especially when kids are involved.

An improperly adjusted garage door or automatic opener can exert deadly force when the door closes. This can and has (all too often) led to serious injury or death from being hit by a closing garage door or from being trapped under the door.

So, what can you do? The proper installation, maintenance and testing of these two pieces of equipment are necessary to provide responsible homeowners with safe, trouble-free operation. Take a few minutes to inspect and test your garage door system and make that inspection and testing a part of your regular routine. Safety is everyone's business.

Not comfortable doing it yourself or if you suspect that something isn't quite right?  Contact your Precision Garage Door Service professional ASAP for an inspection and tune-up in San Diego, Seattle, Salt Lake, or Spokane!


  1. A tune up would be nice for my garage. Whenever I open it up it seems to make a screeching noise. I don't know why it is doing it so much. I am crossing my fingers that it is an easy fix.
    Jayden Eden |

  2. Wow, I had no idea! I've never known anyone who was injured by a garage door, so I didn't even think about it. I'll see about getting mine checked more regularly now, especially with little kids! Thanks!

    Jenn |